lundi 3 mars 2014


The interview of the performance "HOMxxxMAGE" by Chloë Le Bian coming soon.

"In my performances the interaction built work. If i had to do it again it will be a different result, with different people, during a new time, new present... Thanks to Sydney Klasen we'll see few sequences, and i will give an interview to explain "HOMxxxMAGE"... It was a special time during 00.43 am til 2.16 am for the party of Damien Sahri "Tänze des Lasters". The most important was the energy during this time with a fantastic public, open and friendly!
Give a performance of contemporary art in a night club was a real challenge. Thanks to the dj set of César Merveille also. Thank you again!" CLH

Let's see the video of that night  >>>>>>>>

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